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Its been a busy month so far - sowing, potting on, planting out and watering on repeat. But so exciting to see all the plants growing well and the milder nights are helping to get everything hardened off. The alliums have been very early and we also have echium vulgare and aquilegia for cutitng. The foxgloves and ammi are nearly there and the cerinthe, anemones and ranunculus is still going strong. For wild pickings the cow parsley and campion has been fabulous!

We have been treated to some lovely calm, warm days and the gardens are buzzing with insect life. We have blue-tits and sparrows nesting here, and a pair of ducks courting in the stream by the house. The bats are flitting around in the evening and I don't think I ever seen so many bees buzzing around the garden. Speaking of also had a large bee swarm in the garden last week which we housed in our spare Warré hive where they are happily building and filling comb.

I'm getting ready for the Bath and West show at the end of this month - watch this space for more details of our exciting flowers from the farm stand!

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