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Stage 2 - structural over hall

This stage included:

  • Demolition, site clearance & preparation

  • Site set up, welfare & storage facilities, & security fencing

  • Scrape topsoil/reduce levels

  • Surveys for structural defects/timber infestation/damp proofing/services/drains

  • Masonry below damp proof course

  • Underground drainage, foul & surface water

  • Ground floor concrete slab

  • Service trenches & ducting

I really don't miss that portaloo! The demolition part of this stage seemed to take so long - although we could see progress it was scary seeing it stripped back to the bare bones and certain aspects definitely looked worse as they were revealed! But getting the roof repaired and the concrete floors made a huge difference. We also at this point had to review plans to make sure services were going into the correct places.

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